Jeremy “Thrillerr” Hobbs is from Charleston, South Carolina who turned his passion for music to life. A current student enrolled at the College of Charleston with a major in Arts Management with a concentration in Music, Thrillerr is a recording artist who explores life through all different types of experiences. Whether its pop, rock, or rap, Thrillerr strives to make his listeners excited and hungry for his new and unique sound. 

Thrillerr is on the verge of releasing his latest demo to his adoring and dedicated followers who inspire him with their fan mail and social media input. So, whether it’s attending classes at one of the top colleges in the Southeastern part of the United States, or traveling the various regions of the world, Thrillerr strives to bring inspiration and passion to his fans through music and fashion.

The difference between Thrillerr and any other artist: Thrillerr uses the insight of being a college student, humor, street smarts, travel experiences, and exposure to his celebrity lifestyle. Being involved with movie premiers, television networks, music award shows, sporting events, fashion shows, art showcases, and charity events, has allowed Thrillerr to have a fascinated outlook on life. Growing up in the south has made it seem like he is caught in between two worlds. Attending college in Charleston, contrasted by the annual celebrity exposure he gets when visiting places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, and Atlanta, caused him to have an open mind to cultural differences. Thrillerr could be taking a biology class at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and in within 24 hours, be at an A-List Hollywood party. So, you might find him singing a song about the daily struggles of a college student or what it’s like being a young African-American living in the south as he finds his way through life. He loves the celebrity lifestyle, but as a college student, he appreciates the acquisition of knowledge and takes education very seriously. 

Thrillerr wants to impact people’s lives in a positive and inspirational way through his experiences. He hopes that by using music to tell his life experiences, he will inspire others to believe in themselves and pursue their ambitions in life.


To all of Thrillerr’s fans,

The name “Thrillerr” was given to Jeremy around the age of 4 years old. Growing up watching Michael Jackson marathon’s Jeremy quickly learned the lyrics to many Michael Jackson songs and dance moves and performed non-stop around the house. I then began to realize that many of the songs that Jeremy would constantly try to sing and dance, were from the Victory tour in 1984 and the Thriller album that was released in 1982. It became apparent to me that the tour and album was his favorite. Jeremy would sing and dance so much to Michael Jackson’s best selling album of all time that I just started calling him Lil Thrillerr and the name stuck. He later around the age of 19 adopted the stage name Thrillerr. So early on in Jeremy’s life, Michael Jackson has had a huge impact in his life. In fact, he just couldn't get enough of the culture of the 1980s. This was almost a decade before Jeremy was even born. In fact, I was able to get my good friend Quincy Jones to get Michael Jackson to give me an autographed copy of the Thriller album which became Jeremy’s most prized possession which I keep in my office in Beverly Hills.